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Mission to Enlighten the Mankind. To Learn How to Live Happily. Learn Yoga, Meditation, Arts, Science & Spirituality.

Gyanodhayam Convocation

A student delivering a speech during the Gyanodhayam Convocation

A Brief Overview

Gyanodhayam is a branch of Navayugam Trust for spiritual development all around the world.

Our Gynanodhayam classes comprises of physical exercises, asanas, meditation and kriyas which are covered through the following 9 topics in the syllabus:

1. Udal (Body)

2. Udal Payirchi (Excersises & asanas)

3. Unavu (Food)

4. Uravu (Relationships)

5. Uyir (Soul)

6. Ullam (Mind)

7. Uyar Unarvu (higher feelings)

8. Uyar Thavam (Higher Meditation)

9. Unnadham (Bliss)

Classes are offered at various locations in Tamil Nadu, Singapore and Malaysia. This is a very intensive course for the serious seekers and is life changing. Healthy diet restrictions also apply. The course is normally for 10 to 15 students only to allow for one on one attention. Please contact us if you have any questions.We will be glad to explain the class in more details individually.