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About Navayugam

The mission of Navayugam Trust is to fulfill the human need from his birth to the death.

“You can buy a bed but not be able to sleep. . .but you can donate money to make others(without beds) sleep” – Guru Ji

Mission to Fulfill human needs from Birth to DeathLifespan of an Ordinary Man

Every man who is born, wants to achieve something in his life. He grows up and has to undergo formal education to learn and earn by taking a job and to offer job to others. It is must for an individual to undertake a profession or business in some form or the other to support their lifestyle.

Then a time arrives for marriage and procreation wherein he strives to raise his children into successful and happy individuals. He works further to lead his life without illness and solve his family problems.

And finally one finds the need to fulfill the purpose of his birth, that is, to serve other people, realize God and to die peacefully.

Man and Society

To fulfill these needs man depends on society and the people around him, but unfortunately during his lifetime he might fail to get the proper guidance or help or support from the society.

Some individuals have the capability to avail this opportunity while most of them do not. But in this world everything is given equally to everybody by God.

The only reason most fail is that they are not able to reach their source of help at the right time.

Fundamentals of Navayugam The fundamentals of Navayugam Trust are just like a banyan tree. Like banyan grows its roots grows deep as it grows larger and then it does not rely on the main root, but it will give the same effect of shade to everyone who wants to rest under its shade.

Role of Navayugam Trust

The Navayugam Trust’s main function is to form a new family, where those who want help and those who want to offer help both come under the same tree. So it’s a small loop and enables easy connectivity.

Thus, people who are ready to offer help can easily reach the people who need the most. The main focus of the Navayugam is that such help should reach the right individuals at the right time instead of reaching the wrong hands.

There are people who want to help others but don’t know how to help. For such people, we guide them how to reach and help the right individuals. Thus they can also feel satisfaction that the help has reached the right person.

Also there are those who need help but they don’t know from whom they can get the help. Thus, Navayugam Trust offers it’s healing touch for such individuals in their hour of need.

The Healing Touch

In our normal span of life we face a multitude of problems related to education, jobs, marriage, child birth cycling back to education and so on. Money is not always the solution for all of these problems in all of the situations. Some of the problems need some other things like mind power, education, advice etc.

Navayugam Trust provides Education, Training, Counseling, Medicine and advice in handling life situations and offers predictive precautions.

It’s a new world built for those who want to live happily.

Those who currently lead a happy life and  those who want to live happily can both approach us.

Dawn of New World

We find that most people are struggling for nothing.

Dawn of New WorldWe are ready to point out to them that you have everything and even what you think you don’t have is also available, only thing is that you have not noticed up until now and have been thinking that you are in need and because of that you are struggling.

The prime activity of the Navayugam Trust is to point out what a particular individual really needs; where it is available and how to reach that.

First 15 activities Navayugam Trust plans fifteen main activities each year which have to be executed within one year time period in a particular district in such a way to encompass all its activities in every district.

These activities center heavily around counseling. People meet with Guruji or trust members with their problems and various solutions are provided including the activities of the trust. 






First Fifteen Activities 

1. Education Sponsorship
Help in financing educational needs of the under privileged. The donations of those who can afford are provided to those who need it the most. Education is the basic necessity for one to function productively in society. 

2. Employment Support
Through counseling people who are seeking employment are placed with various firms that are looking to hire honest and hard-working candidates.

3. Business Opportunity
Youth and elders with various successful business plans that lack financial resources are helped through this scheme. The candidates can then pay back the financial help once they are successful. This money can then be passed on to others. Also candidates are chosen for partnering with existing Navayugam products such as iSpark, Thiri Tharu, Tharam etc to start their entrepreneurial life. 

4. Marriage Funding
Couples who have been counseled for marriage and are in requirement for financial help are assisted through this scheme. 

5. Work Opportunity Abroad
Persons with job opportunities are counseled for success and any initial help needed for the transition is given. 

6. Personality/ Discipline Development
The Gynanodhayam course is a gem from our Guruji. This course helps individuals lead a disciplined, healthy and happy life while being useful to society and leading life towards bliss.

7. Annual Introductory Day
Navayugam trust conducts its annual day every year in districts where most of its activities have been successfully conducted with an aim to make the local populace aware of the programs and as an introduction to the masses.

8. Export/ Import for Society Development
Products such as Kavasam and ayurvedic remedies can be exported and the funds used for social development. Our lifestyle is something that is priceless and every one all over the world can benefit from it.

9. Annathai Illam Project
Once every 6 months we select and help existing orphanage with any possible resources and human endeavors. 

10. Family Consulting
The whole family is counseled for various needs by prior appointment.

11. Shethra School
A residential school that schools children in all around development, spiritual development and arts of the elders (Kalaigal).

12. Health Development
Patients are counseled to restore health through good diet and exercise. Gynanodhayam course starts with a full focus on food as medicine and exercise to prevent disease and maintain a healthy body.

13. Food Habit Center
Nalan Hotels are started in various district head-quarters with the aim to provide an alternate healthy food style for the local population and so that they can learn to provide themselves with similar food at their homes.

14. Meditation Center
Gynanodhayam centers are used in teaching the course and also as meditation centers. More and more centers are being opened across Tamilnadu. Singapore and Malaysia also have Gynanodhayam centers.

15. Counseling
As seen above most of these activities stem form counseling of the Gynanodhayam students and their friends and family.

The Founder - Jai GurujiNavayugam trust was founded by Guruji Jaikichenin in 2005.

Guruji’s aim is to teach through example, by living the life and walking the talk. He lives among us in a normal society and shows us through his life the way to handle the problems we face and still be happy and work towards bliss.

Born to a normal middle class family, Guruji completed his education in technology and has worked in various organizations in public and private enterprises. He leads a normal life like any present day normal person. Like any normal person, he is facing all the problems and life situations and gives solutions to handle the situations in order to live a happy life.

One can live in the forest or in an isolated place and can tell they have not been angry at anyone. They might think that they have not given trouble to anybody and nobody has troubled them. But living in isolation does not help the society. Solutions learn from such isolated persons cannot be used in day to day affairs.

So, Guruji has decided to live in society facing all the usual curves that life throws at us and to provide solutions for our problems. He wants to provide the morality and discipline that a normal person requires to lead a happy fulfilled life.


Left to Right : Mr. Danesh K.V. ( Managing Director - Navayugam Trust ) & Mr. K.Raja ( Chairman - Navayugam Trust )

Left to Right : Mr. Danesh K.V. ( Managing Director - Navayugam Trust ) & Mr. K.Raja ( Chairman - Navayugam Trust )

Navayugam trustees provide strategic focus to the trust with guidance from Guruji and ensure that the goals set for the trust are completed on time and with highest quality and compassion.

They are selected by the members of the trust. The trust committee can change a trustee anytime based on the needs of the trust.

The trustees are selected from different locations and work together to achieve the ultimate goal of the trust. Navayugam has the rule to change its Trustee’s whenever any specific activity requires changing from its normal mode and need.