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Posted on Apr 6, 2012 in Public Awareness Campaigns, Year 2012

Rally on Walking for Good

Rally on Walking for Good

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On April 6, 2012 “Walk for Good” rally started from the 2nd Gate of Tanjore Medical College at around 6:00 AM . Navayugam Chairman Raja and Managing Director Guru Danesh flagged the commencement of the Rally. Around 230 Gyana Siddhars from all over the Tamil Nadu district and public took part in this Rally. Gyanodhayam Gurus and Gyana Siddhars from Singapore also participated in this Rally. This Rally passed through Tamil University, Pillaiyarpatti, Vallam, Senjipatty, Pudhukudi, Vazhambakudi, Tuvakudi and finally reached Trichy Bell around 7:30 PM.

Pamphlets regarding Food Habits and Health, Discipline, Saving Water, Cleanliness, reducing usage of Mobile Phones were distributed.

Since it was Summer, Guruji gave us necessary tips of taking food to keep our body cool. Since it was a highway, Guruji gave us a lecture about other safety measures to be followed. Guruji advised us to have Porridge, Mint Rice, Water Melon, Beverages made out of Lemon and Ginger, Melon fruits during this Rally and gave us the experience on maintaining our body temperature during summer.

At the end, a Award Ceremony function was held at Srirangam Konguvelalar Mandapam. Certificates were awarded to the participants and experiences were shared in speech. Since it was “Guru Poornima Day” the function ended after chanting Guru Mantra.

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