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Posted on Jan 22, 2012 in Public Awareness Campaigns, Year 2012

Rally on Water Protection and Linking of National Rivers

Rally on Water Protection and Linking of National Rivers

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On January 22, 2012, A Bicycle Rally on “Water Protection and Linking of National Rivers” started at Thirupur at around 8:40 AM.

Rally was flagged by Guru Kanagraj and Guru Danesh. Navayugam Chairman Raja distributed the Pamphlets. The Rally went on through Avinasi, Karumatthampati, Neelampur, Cinniyammapalayam and finally reached Coimbatore. In Karumatthampati, lunch was served in the garden by a Navayugam member. All members took rest for a while and then started again and reached their destination. They handed the Pamphlets on their way. They were welcomed at Gandhipuram Bus Stand. The Rally ended at 4:30 PM. Around 120 members participated in the event. We were given permission to conduct a meeting at Coimbatore Community Marriage Hall. We took oath to achieve the motto of our Rally. As a note to end certificates were given and experiences were shared by the members and Gurus.


Our beloved Guruji has taught us two more ways for healthy environment. We took oath for that too (first and second Saturdays of every month we should avoid the usage of electricity and fourth Saturdays we should avoid the usage of mobile phones). A 12 year old boy was awarded for finishing the 50 km Rally first. A Police Inspector came running and held the hand of a Gyana Siddhar and told that by ‘holding your hands we also attain your Gyanodhayam’.

It reflected our Guruji’s thought.

“Don’t Believe That I am With You But I am Within You” – Steps Towards God

Nalan Hotel provided food for all the participants. Everyone enjoyed the feast. Our Guruji blessed one more thing to the participants of the Rally, since they had pedaled for 50 Kms, their glands in between their thighs will work efficiently and thus they will gain immunity power for next six months.

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